Covid 19 Update – June 2020


From Monday 15th June we will be re-opening the store to the public on via an appointment only basis. We will be allowing the public to bring in machines for repair, to book a slot for demonstrations on new machines and picking up any mail orders.

We shall not be allowing more than one person in the reception area at any given time; we have created checkpoints to queue from outside the shop’s front entrance 2 metres apart for those waiting. We ask you to adhere to these restrictions for everyone’s safety.

For service/repairs to sewing/embroidery machines, you must call before bringing your machine in for repair. We shall work alongside you to allocate a set date and time for you to bring it in to minimise any safety risks. Once you arrive, we will ask you to adhere to the social distancing measures in place of queuing and waiting for your turn to enter the building. After we have repaired/serviced your machine, we shall allocate yet again another date and time for you to pick up your machine.

Customers wishing to look at a machine for demonstration must also be booked in advance over the phone before arriving. We shall once again allocate a date and time slot for you to come and spend time with one of our demonstrators. We ask you adhere to the social distancing rules on arrival once again. There will be safety precautions we shall explain to you once you are here in terms of how we demonstrate to you.

For customers wishing to purchase spare parts and accessories you can come to the store and let us know what you are after, after such information is given, we will kindly ask you to wait in the reception area and we shall bring the items to you, unless for machine demonstration none shall be allowed to enter the showroom of the shop.

In terms of payment, we would prefer contactless payments up to a certain amount, otherwise card payment is then preferred. We shall still accept cash but only if card/contactless is unavailable.

Our opening times to the public will be 10am – 3pm, although we will still be operating phone lines, Facebook Messenger, website live chat and emails between 9.30am – 4.45pm.

Our priority is and always will be our customer’s wellbeing and satisfaction. We take pride in being renowned for our excellent customer service and hospitality in store. Our priority will be to keep everyone safe and still deliver our exceptional service to everyone. If you have any specific requirements when visiting, please outline these to our team before arrival.

We wish you all the best of health in these difficult times.

Take care and see you soon,

All the team at Woodseats

Previous updates...


Please note we are accepting mail-orders while couriers are still running however if ordered after 2pm they will be sent the NEXT WORKING DAY. We are in-store in shifts but mostly working from home so the phone lines will be open as normal from 9.30am - 5pm BUT any orders made either by phone or online if they are placed AFTER 2pm will be processed the NEXT WORKING DAY. We will only be working in shifts at the store between 9.30am - 2pm


Following the new regulations set by the Primeminister last night we will be completely closing down the shop and working from home. 

Until we are able to return back to the shop we will not be able to complete any servicing or repairs to machines. We apologise for this inconveince. We will however still be operating via our phone system, emails, facebook and website so if you are having problems with your machine we will try to assist you as best as we can. We can still take payments over the phone however some products we will struggle to send via post and these will be sent at a later date. 

Sewing and Embroidery machines can still be sent as usual from our suppliers as couriers are currently still running. If couriers eventually close down then this is something we won't be able to do. We will continue to be on the phones and other means of communication while this lasts to help and support you our customers.

We will continue to keep our facebook page and website up to date as the situation changes.

We wish all our customers the best and that you all stay safe at this unforuntate time. 

A61 Woodseats Sewing Machines xx


It is with a heavy heart we have decided to close our store showroom until it is safe for us to re-open to the public.
Protecting our staff and you as our customers is what will always come first to us.
If you are interested in getting a new machine we can do a virtual demonstration for you so you can still see the machines we have to offer (for this service either call us or send us a message and we will get an appointment set up for you)

We will still be operating the phone lines, emails and any mail-orders through the website/phone/etc. While ever any of our suppliers are still continuing to despatch machines we will continue to operate as normal. Any items you wish to purchase from the store can be ordered online/phone/email/facebook etc.

We will continue to operate our warranty service/collections as usual and step in to fulfil the Brother warranty if your dealers cannot help due to closures, there will be no charge for shipping etc as per Brothers warranty.

We will still continue to do all services and repairs in-store and if anyone wants to bring in a machine we can still take them in however safety precautions will be set in place.


We value all of our customers new and old in this unfortunate time and will do our best to support you all and give any help or advice for as long as we possibly can.

Wishing you all our best, please all stay safe and self isolate as much as you can.

Thank you all for continuing to support us,
All the team at A61 Woodseats Sewing Machines Ltd xx