Juki HZL-UX8 Sewing Machine

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Feel comfort andpower with JUKI’s UX8.

Built with you inmind, the UX8 comes with new state-of-the-art features including 7″ touchscreencapabilities with WiFi capabilities, a large 12″ of sewing space, bobbin threadalert, light color changes, and a multitude of other functions.

7″ colour touchpanel can be operated like a smartphone.

Just like on a smartphone or tablet, intuitively select and edit patterns,change various settings, and view operation videos. With only the mostimportant and frequently used operations available, the layout and user-friendlinessof icons, etc., are revolutionary.

Visualization of Adjustment ValuesNEW

Changes inadjustments can be visualized with animations.

Adjust the threadtension by sliding your finger over the scale in the touch panel.

Store Recall Stitch PatternsNEW

The last 10stitches are stored in history.

View illustrationsof stitch patterns in history to easily identify and select them with a singletouch.

he settings thatdiffer from the defaults are highlighted in blue.

Adjust the Presser Foot Pressure
with the Easily Accessible Dial

In addition to thepopular stitch width and length adjustments, easily adjust the presser footpressure with a dial below the touch panel. Being able to change the presserfoot pressure while sewing allows you to immediately respond to stretchedstitching and uneven feeding.

Sew fabrics likeknit, fleece, neatly and more without stretching by adjusting the presser footpressure.

Light Control Function Changes
the Color Temperature of the Light

Adjust the colortemperature of the bulb between daylight and soft white. This eliminatesvisibility difficulties with certain fabric and thread color combinations.

Notification before Bobbin Thread Runs OutNEW

An optical sensorwill notify you when the bobbin thread reaches a certain amount. Sew withconfidence without worrying about the remaining amount of bobbin thread.

Have Your Favorite Accessories Always at HandNEW

The auxiliary bedwith accessory storage is the first among sewing machines with a 12″ workspace.Keep your most often used accessories in their place and at your fingertips.

JUKI Smart Feed (built-in dual feed unit)

Using JUKI SmartFeed allows you to reduce uneven feeding and stretched stitching of thinfabric. Feeding can be stabilized simply by lowering the unit.

Easily Switch to Straight Stitch Sewing Conditions

Not only preventthe fabric from being pushed into the needle hole at the start of sewing, butrealize operability that was only possible with a straight stitch sewingmachine, such as sewing edges and sharp curves.

Enjoy More Variations and Applications with TaperingNEW

Increased ranges ofthe angle and direction settings have expanded the possibilities for sewingtapering.

By using the memoryand inversion functions, star-shaped appliques can be beautifully finished.

·        You can select the angle and direction for the beginning and end oftapering.

·        You can set a stitch length in advance or store the length of thestitches that were sewn.

Various Presser Foot Lifting Functions


Using the presser foot pressure dial, you can raise the presser footslightly to prevent uneven feeding and achieve a beautiful finish when sewingquilts, velvet, and other fabrics.

Automatic Loweringof Feed Dog

The feed dog lowers automatically when the presser foot is raised to theextra lift position with the knee lifting lever. This prevents the fabric fromgetting caught on the feed dog and allows the fabric to be taken in and outsmoothly.

Pivot Function

This allows you to easily change the sewing direction while leaving bothhands on the fabric, for example, when sewing corners of appliques. (functionto automatically raise the presser foot when sewing is stopped with the needlein the lower position)

Beautiful Buttonholes Surpassing the Quality of Home Sewing Machines

This provides reliable feeding, even on thick fabrics and seams, andautomatically corrects the left and right seam densities.

Buttonhole sewing with clamping plate and sensor

Adjustable Cutting Width for Buttonholes

Since the cutting width canbe changed, you can sew a buttonhole that matches not only the button size butalso the button thickness.

Smooth and ComfortableFree-motion Sewing

Transparent quiltpresser foot makes the needle visible.

Since the feed dog canbe lowered with the push of a button, you can easily set up the machine forfree-motion sewing.

ZigzagFree-motion Quilting Set

With these, you can enjoy free motion quilting of zigzag sewing.

Use the included quilt presser foot for free-motion quiltingwith a ruler (ruler work).
* The ruler is an optional accessory.

Box Feed – JUKI IndustrialSewing Machine Technology

Thick denim folded into three layersfor a flat fell seam. Evenly sews thick fabrics effortlessly.

The BOX Feed system stays in contact with your fabrics longerfor a consistent, reliable seam every time.

No fabric shrinkage even sewing on light weight cotton.

Evenly feeds hard-to-sew high pile fabrics.

Quick Preparation Makes Sewinga Breeze

AutomaticNeedle Threader

Simply place the thread in the guide and lower the lever. Easilyand quickly thread a needle with one hand.

BobbinWinder with independent Motor

To set up the bobbin for winding, simply wind some thread aroundthe bobbin and pass it through the guide. You can wind the bobbin thread everytime, and also use a cutter (red arrows) after winding.

QuickBobbin Preparation

The bobbin preparation is easy. Just follow the guide and it isnot necessary to pull up the bobbin thread.

Connect to the internet to access JUKISewing Net from your sewing machine! From the Sewing Net, you can access JUKI’shomepage where you may view projects, product information, and more.
In addition, you can watch instructional videos of projects and/or sewingmachine from JUKI’s YouTube channel.

You can view an instructional video on your smartphone byscanning the QR code of the operating procedure that you want to view.

Select the title of the operating procedure that you want toview and follow the step-by-step instructions show in animated video.

Easily Combine and Recall Patterns

Smartphone-like touch panel operations make it very easy tocombine one-point patterns and characters. You can also recall (up to 10)previously created patterns after viewing them on the screen.

Create multiple variations from a single pattern, such as combiningvertical and horizontal inversions.

Included Accessories


Store all accessories such as presser feet and bobbins.

ElectricKnee Lifting Lever

This highly responsive lever allows the presser foot to be movedup and down with very little force and without taking your hands off thefabric.

FootController (with independent foot switch functions)

The foot switch can be attached to either the left or right sideof the pedal. Any one of seven switch operations can be assigned to the footswitch.

SewingMachine Cover

Sewing machine cover can store all accessories.

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Juki HZL-UX8 Sewing Machine

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